Driving Sustainable Organizational and Team Results

  • Culture change
  • Integrating new mission, vision, strategy and/or values
  • Developing high performing teams
  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership development in general, or developing high potential leaders
  • Diversity
  • Respectful workplace, anti-bullying
  • Effective performance dialogues
  • Self-awareness and understanding others using typologies like the Enneagram, MBTI, DISC, Colors, etc.
  • Integrating new processes or practices (often using words like “transformations” that have little real meaning)

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  1. Organizations want to increase engagement without addressing the factors that are disengaging their employees. Engagement is not about playing games, solving puzzles, or listening to inspirational messages. It is about the perceived ability to enjoy the work we do, enjoy our work interactions, and actually make a difference. It is about having workflow that allows people to feel that they are producing quality work. It comes from leaders who are able to create cultures deeply imbued with trust and psychological safety, in which…

Including the Enneagram Polarities

These were two of our beloved German Shepherds, Tara (on the left) and her brother Shiva. They were Polarities in many ways: Agentic & Communal, Cognitive & Affective, Firm & Soft

Challenges and Opportunities


Challenge #1: Grief, unresolved grief and loss

Introducing Integrative Cycles of Learning

A watch with a minute and second hand. This powerful practice only takes 30 seconds before and after your interactions.
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Introducing Pond Thinking™

Picture of a beautiful pond with koi fish swimming in it
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Two consultants working with five engaged leaders.
Photo by Authors, Clear Impact Consulting Group

Clear Impact Consulting Group

Building individual and organizational capacity through executive coaching, organizational/team effectiveness consulting and leadership development.

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