• Alex Rood

    Alex Rood

    Leader & coach deliberately focused on becoming a better human being each day. It is a process of slow growth, and it’s the only way - deliberateself.com

  • Tom Horne

    Tom Horne

  • Michelle Tompkins

    Michelle Tompkins

  • Michael McElhenie PhD

    Michael McElhenie PhD

    Michael is the Managing Director and Change Catalyst at Metatropia and has over 30 years of experience as an advisor to global leaders.

  • #askone


    A site on facilitation, professional coaching and agile https://www.askone.sg/

  • Kiara.


  • Adambleonard


  • Jenn Lofgren

    Jenn Lofgren

    Founder | Leadership & Executive Coach | Incito Executive & Leadership Development

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