The Clear Impact Decision-Making Process

Clear Impact Consulting Group

Step One: Are you even ready to make a decision?

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Step Two: Frame the decision

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Most people engage in problem-solving before they are clear on their current reality and desired outcomes. This is like driving your car on a road trip before you know where you are and where you’re going.

Step Three: Self-Awareness

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What do I know about myself that might be coloring or impacting how I’m seeing this situation?

Step Four: Perspective Coordination

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Dealing effectively with complex problems requires the ability to effectively integrate diverse and differing perspectives.

Step Five: Decision-Making

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In complex situations the goal is to design a workable next step, a safe-fail experiment that at best will lead to significant positive results, and at worst will be unfortunate rather than catastrophic. See this article for more details. This is referred to as Dynamic Steering.

Step Six: Communication

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Who needs to know what I/we just decided?

OK, that’s the Clear Impact Decision-Making Model!



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